Our Clients

Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ
Church catering
Nordic Breads
Packaged Organic Finnish Ruis Bread
Josephine’s Feast
Food and Spices
Creative Concepts NYC Catering Kitchen
Bonne Fete Baking, Inc
You Cake
Granola Bar None
Granola bars
Grown in Brooklyn
Ambitious S Inc
Staffing Agency
Viva Natural Foods
Gluten Free Bread
Viola’s Elixir
Beverage Company
Mel’s Melting pot
Chickpea and Olive
Vegetarian Food
Madhuram Sweets DBA Anita Ajmera
Sweet Shop
Pie Lady Inc (The) Optimists Inc., The
Seafood restaurant in Atlanta
Food Snob Inc
Sauces and condiments
Southern Belles BBQ
Nuts & Bolts
Snack Granola
Bright Sun Naturals
Local Harvest Catering
Les Delecias by Maggie De
Yu Bakery fka Polvilho Bakery
Packaged Brazilian Snack Puffs
Chocolate dances
Chocolate and Dance Company
Hungry Bars DBA Two Tbsp
Vegetarian Pop-Up
Emerald Isle Meringue Queen
Carving Board Catering
Catering company
Breuer Premium
Premium Pet Food
Ocean Cargo Bundts
Sykes Group It’s In The Mix
Gluten Free Bakery
Chuta Madre
Ecuadorian food
H. Eckford
Red Eggs Soups, LLC
Chinese Postpartum Soups
Sweet Harlem Ambit Energy
La Charca Café Restaurant RN Bakery
My Magic Kitchen Empire Paulista Avenue Bakery & café LLC
Sweetcicle aka Keri Confections
Fruit Licorice
Luv Michael
Biggie’s Crack Toffee LLC
Packaged Toffe Treats
Phether Events
Event and catering company
Brigadeiro Bakery
Brigadieros and Cakes
Organic Gluten Free Chocolates
Halety Sweetz LLC
Gluten Free Bakery
Ash Apothecary
Simple Syrup
Chef Sherris Catering LLC
Catering Company
Sweet Muse DBA Laura Siner
Brownies and Cookie Charms
Alchemiq AKA Talking Cocktails
Catering Company
Mama Lam’s
Hot Sauce and Curry  Paste
Spice Tree Organics
Heavenly Bites of Joy
Modish Bakery Milene Jardine
Artisanal Chocolate Truffles
Yeh’s Snacks
Meat Chips
Greenpoint Muesli
Museli Cereal
Kitchen 36
Soups Sides and Bread
Hot Sauce
Saffron Fix Inc
Indian-inspired Meal Kits
Devil’s Envy, LLC
Dundu Kitchen LLC/ Snackin’ African
West African Catering
Trend Ventures
(classroom client)
Destination Dumpling NQA Foods LLC
Atlantic Confectionery Company LLC Columbianos Del Exterior
Corsair Snacks Inc Coco de Via LLC
Paleo with Love LLC Munchy Monkey
Peshter Amuse Pooch
Bushwick Sauce Company, Inc
Holistic Beverages LLC AKA Herbology Tea Ulli’s Oil Mill
Regal Vegan
Vegan Spreads