Food Inspections & Licenses

Every food manufacturing business needs a license issued by the state agriculture & markets or the county department of health. These licenses have a fee and require annual on-site inspections during manufacturing.

The management of the Entrepreneur Space will assist you in completing the appropriate application and guide you thru the inspection process. We work with all agencies to make sure you are licensed by the right division. The license forms will be filled in during your contract signing appointment.

DO NOT APPLY before you have a signed contract!

The license type is based on your business, your product and the location where you will manufacture!

Types of Licenses

H25-01 Shared use kitchen production (NYC Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene)
foodpreneurs serving immediate consumption food (think of a sausage and peppers at a street fair and catering companies)

20C Foodpreneurs selling Wholesale & Retail packaged foods
to street fairs, restaurants, gourmet stores, internet

H-15 Temporary Food Establishment Permit

Mandatory for the foodpreneur to participate in street fairs

H15 Application

Food Sanitation Certificate Required for all foodpreneurs – on-line course work with an in-person 20 hour course taken for 5 days 4 hours per day $125

Food Safety Details

Food Cart Inspection Permit

Preparing/Service a frozen dairy product

FDA Registration Link